Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blocked Minds on Black Friday Mourning

I went to the dormitory after my class in Speech Communication. As usual, the Speech Lab opened at almost 7:30. I was so pissed off because the working student's "tardiness" ate up the time the class supposed to have spent in preparing for the Impromptu speech. Ah, worst, my student's answers to the questions were unsubstantial. Although it's understandable they were not given ample time to prepare, but at least they could have composed themselves by standing properly and speaking in considerable rate.

I wore an all-black get-up today. Yesterday they said to wear black as a silent protest. For what? For that TIP thing? Well, honestly, I have no idea about that issue as much as I don't care about receiving that TIP. Although it's necessary and justifiable for a faculty to receive an amount due to him/her, I still find no motivation why I should join in the silent protest. But I wore an all-black get-up today. It's just that I felt there was a much higher cause than fighting for that TIP and wearing mourning clothes just to barrage the leeches and the idiots residing in their niches.

Whether it's a silent protest or not, I wore black because of the death of justice which died a long time ago. Now I remember someone who, because of injustice, is on the verge of her demise. How I cringe. A woman who offered her heart and soul but received nothing from the people who supposed to give her credits for the great contribution she etched on the University. She doesn't deserve them. She doesn't deserve us....

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