Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tribute Hangover

I still feel sleepy. Oh, this net keeps me so awake until midnight. Even though I promised myself to avoid surfing during nighttime, I still can't control my fingers to press the keyboard and nail my eyes on the monitor. Worst is, it gnats the memory out of me. I mean, I begin to feel dizzy to the point of forgetting things. Ah, maybe it's the internet's fault after all, and not hers.

Anyway, yesterday was a memorable day for me. We had a tribute to Ma'am Amor, and I was also tasked to deliver my inspirational message--something that would prove how great a teacher and a person she is. I cannot exactly describe her influence in me, as much as I can't translate my thoughts into writing (for my speech, see entry "Para kay Ma'am Amor"). But what made the day significant and intense yesterday was actually the speech of Sir John as read by Sir Jigger--fuming with words that would burn the idiots and leeches residing within the four walls of the university.

The speech was the point of discussion after the event, since Sir Sid was quite "offended" by Sir J's message. How exciting, right? I mean, I'm aware how things happen when these two minds collide, but I never saw how angry Sir Sid was until that moment. Still he kept his composure, not to mention his humor.

I love my teachers both, since I consider them as my pillars. But if you ask me which side I am on, I cannot give the answer right away. How can I, both of them have their point on why they acted that way. On Sir John's side, I think he was not just aware that the people dear to him organized the tribute. As for Sir Sid, well, what can I say. Perhaps his reaction was brought about by a sudden surge of emotion. I guess no one is to blame. Regarding the speech, I take Sir Jigger's point that it was pure rhetorical. Content-wise? Honestly, I agree with Sir John's pronouncement. I just really hoped that those leeches were present yesterday. For sure, they would flinch.

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