Friday, May 14, 2010

A Part of Me Died: Waking Up from a Nightmare

Bloody corpses being dumped in an excavated hole. A son witnessing his father's death,trying to stop the seizure that encumbered the latter. The taciturnity of the night...

I woke up from a very disturbing nightmare. Images replete with violence and demise haunted my dream. They say that dreams are messengers, and I always have surreal dreams (I mean dreams,really are a bit surreal),but this time, it involved a loved one. My father. And he was vividly struggling and suffering in pain, epileptic seizure. My mother and I could do nothing to stop it. We stood, in abject horror and grief, as the breath of life relinquished my father.

According to a website, if you dream of a loved one dying, say for example your mom or your dad, it could mean that a part of your nature died (as in motherly or fatherly nature). Partly right, I reckon. Sure, I admit I am not really close to my father and lately I have been taken him for granted. Ah, perhaps, I was just too preoccupied with certain issues that bug my interior self lately. And I've been reading Jungian psychology too much. A part of me died. I wanna buy that. If that's what the nightmare is trying to say.

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