Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I know I should be worrying about where to get money to pay for my rent,but everytime I drop by Booksale, I just couldn't get my hands off the shelves and grab any titles below Php75.  This week, I bought five books-- In the House of Night, My Son's Story by Nadine Gordimer, The Lay of the Land by Richard Ford, The Autograph Man by Zadie Smith, and Martha Quest by Dorris Lessing.  Actually I've just started reading Michael Cunningham's A Home at the End of the World, but since I keep on buying some more books which clog up my recent reading, I have no choice but to set it aside and addle myself on which to read first.  I was planning to write a book review, but I ended up so discombobulated.  Besides, classes have started already and textbooks begin to pile up above the titles which I supposed to read these coming days.

Despite my tight schedule, I allot a certain time for reading; my dilemma really is what book to read. Maybe, I'll put Cunningham aside first since I had enough of gay characters from The Brothers Bishop.  Dorris Lessing's Martha Quest is a series,which means that if I got hooked reading it, it would make me look for the rest of the books.I mean, it's a good thing, however, the accessibility and the possibility of finding those books--slim.  Richard Ford is thick and hardbound,which obviously is not handy enough for me to carry it to school along with my textbooks and envelope.  That leaves The Autograph Man the only option. I started reading the book yesterday, and I hope I'll like it..

New books are arriving tomorrow, and crap, I haven't paid yet for the books which I reserved since last week.  Good thing the supervisor is my best-friend.

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