Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unravelling the Mysterious Skin

I probably approached the movie in an objective manner, or maybe the plot seemed too familiar, that's why the catharsis dwindled in its momentum.  Right. I wasn't really impressed with the movie, but somehow  its portrayal of the social issues and psychological dilemma hovering around the lead characters sparked my dragging fascination to really watch the movie to its ending.

Watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt donning the role of Neil McCormick appalled me, since I've been used to see him as a heartthrob character in 100 Things About You and 500 Days of Summer. I mean, portraying a homosexual role just proved how versatile and mature an actor he is.  His character could draw ire and affection, in contrast to Brian Lackey's (Brady Corbet) furtive and "asexual" disposition.  Characterization-wise, I think the movie achieved its purpose succesfully. How Neil and  Brian juxtaposingly cope with the past aided a lot in building the plot and in unravelling the past that had molded them into muddled individuals.

The film has instigated controversies upon its release in 2004, but it also received critical acclamation. Based on Scott Heim's novel of the same title, the film, according to psychologist Richard Gartner, is an uncommonly accurate portrayal of the long-term effect of child sexual abuse on boys.

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