Wednesday, April 6, 2011


At some point in our lives, we all lost something - we lost a book, we lost a friend, we lost one member of our family, we lost everything we consider essential.  loss brings forth sorrow, it even causes pain and worry.  because when we lost what’s important to us, we fear that we might not be able to see or find it again.  but to some people, loss is not the end.  it may even be the start of something new.  loss can give meaning to their lives.  like a drought before the rain pours in, loss gives them hope, that what has been taken away will be recovered.  and when that happens, one gives a promise in exchange for that hope.  s/he will leave everything to chance, because, despite the fear and worry, what has lost will find its way back to him/her.  when it returns, s/he will discover that life is all but written on the sand, that the world is created not by chance, but by purpose.  and that book, or a thing lost will teach him more about life, him/herself, and the meaning of loss.

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