Sunday, September 13, 2009

Carrying the Cross

Now, I have this notion that stress is inevitable. And worse, it gnaws the hell out of me. It seems that there is no escape anymore. In school, at home... everywhere-- I feel like a victim. Everything becomes a stressor--school, people, everything! Months ago, I promised myself that when God fulfills His promise, I will become a better person and I will embrace everything that He will give me. But then again, I never realized that there is always a price to pay. And the price? I have to carry my own cross.

Why is there always suffering in life? I mean, yeah, cliche as it may seem, some would say that suffering makes us strong and helps us prepare for the harsh trials that are yet to come in our lives. The church would tell us that. But do they really know what is going on inside the person when s/he encounters such suffering? How s/he really feels whenever pain encumbers him or her? No. In order to find happiness, one must undergo pain first. We are like gold tested in fire. But how about those who experience pain and on the verge of dying? How about those who beg for death but cannot die? Why do God let them suffer first before they taste eternity?

Is it really the Rule of Heaven? I guess not. No matter how we experience life, whether it is joyful or painful, we don't really know where we are going. As long as we are living, there will always be pain. But is that an assurance that we will go to heaven? We don't deserve certain sufferings or pain. It is inflicted by circumstances, by other people, by nature. At times, we fall victim to this and the only choice that we have is to embrace it. Live with the pain. Carry your own cross.

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