Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh What a Day!

I initiated a meaningful discussion on humanities and arts in my 11:30am class. I was surprised someone knew Rembrandt and Picasso. I had my eye on one particular student coz I think he’s brilliant (nb I don’t play favorites) enough to ask me why despite being deaf Beethoven could play the piano.
My other class was a total hoopla, but I quite enjoyed since they’re from the Arts and Sciences (again, I don’t play favorites).  What struck me most? They could actually differentiate fiction from non-fiction (something our beloved Dean should be proud about) and despite their intermittent din, they managed to answer my questions sensibly. That’s the Artian spirit!
Shock of a lifetime—my co-publication member is my student in Creative Writing. Gah, Josh, why did you have to enroll in that subject? You write better than I do (JK!)
My day ended with secrets spilled out during our poetry session. The most pathetic poem I have ever written—POST- a double-entendre title about unrequited love, left my peers intrigued about the backstory. I needed to gather my resolve to actually reveal who the addressee was. Now they knew.  What else would I have to tell?
This bastard has to get his act together and move on with his fuckin’ and sorry life! Carpe Diem!!!

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