Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I hate Justin Bieber, and Lea Michele is hot.

So I asked my students in my Art Appreciation class to introduce themselves and share their opinions regarding arts (or their favorite movies, music, whatever).  To break the silence, I did the honor (as a teacher always does) to introduce myself and my slum-book-style of  presenting my thoughts on arts… I love photography, Broadway music, blahblahblah… to the point where I kicked off my hate to Justin Bieber for singing songs inappropriate for his age, and “divulging” the main reason why I watch Glee is because I think Lea Michele is HOT.  
I just saw by the look in the girls’ eyes “We hate you Sir for hating our baby Justin.” And the boys?  ”Who the fuck is Lea Michele?  Maybe we should watch  Glee, man.”
I swear this is gonna be an exciting class…

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