Friday, June 4, 2010

What Have I Been Doing the Whole Summer Long?

Ennui never got in a way of making my summer a total disaster.  Despite the scorching heat, I basked myself on the stuff which I loved to do, apart from complying school requirements – yes, including my final take home exam which I haven’t submitted until now- hah, procrastinator me!

Mirror Poetry Guild Critique Session.  The group meets every Saturday, to think that some of the members (mostly students) spend their summer vacation at home (or in my case, Farmville), but the encounter would always squeeze out succulent discussion and sharing of our poems.  Most of the time, we end up really having a good laugh over bottles of Tanduay or San Mig Light.

Movie Marathon. I spend most of the weekdays at home and it gets really boring, so whenever   return to the city, I immediately download movies from the net through my lappy.  Thanks for the wi-fi connection, I could boot up my fave flicks from indies to musical.  Sometimes I do borrow from my friend especially those that he so greatly recommends. Summer is a nice way to become a couch potato!  Mama just bought a portable DVD and metamorphosed me into some kind of a misanthropic creature once I turn the movies on.

Booksale Invasion.  It's a fact.  I'm a late-bloomer bibliophile.   Not that I don't read a lot prior to my Booksale addiction, but I just realize how my bookshelf gets bendy everytime I stuff   books in it.  It just gives me an ecstatic feeling and I could just stock some more titles until my room is filled with books and voila, a mini-library--my biggest dream.  When lagging around SM City or Robinsons, I don't miss dropping by Booksale. Like it's a haven for me.  And good thing my best-friend is a supervisor so I just take liberty of reserving as many books as I want and buy them later when I have money.  I can splurge without spending too much.

Read and Read.  Need I say more?  Okay so I'm going back to classics and poetry.  Right after IYAS Workshop, I was compelled to read more and more.  It's something I gladly impose  on myself and it works well for me. Now I keep coming back for more, hungry for a good book.  When I'm not watching movies, I read.  And lately I stumbled upon a quote from one of the novels I was perusing and it said, "People in books are so much interesting than the people who've told me to stop reading so much and actually have a life."  True.
IYAS National Creative Writing Workshop.  This actually highlighted my summer romp, and I must say the experience was quite surreal for me. On April 26-May 3, I went to Bacolod for the workshop and happened to   know the most brilliant and promising writers in the country.   Somehow the event widened my perspective in terms of my passion and yes, it affirmed my belief that I'm trudging the right track.  I also made new friends who might be highly acclaimed writers soon!  As for me, I am ready to pull up my sleeves and write my Kinaray-a poetry collection.

Of Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Blogger.  In a way, summer has made my virtual social life more active than ever.  Got almost 500 friends on Facebook, 27 followers on Tumblr, 250+ followers on Twitter, and, well, I try to monetize my blog.  These social networking sites are deviations to my boring world of reality.  And as far as I know, there's no harm in befriending "strangers," only if you know how to choose them.  And when you happened to add them on Facebook during summer, don't ever expect that the so-called friendship will last for a lifetime.  Take it from Shakespeare... or from me.

My summer has never been this fun. Period.

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