Monday, July 19, 2010

greatest blunder ever!

         Last Thursday in my creative writing class, I wrote an example of a simile given by my student “You are like a chandelier with your dangling earrings.”  The sentence, however, seemed problematic especially with the two disparate images being compared.  But the real flaw actually did not come from the sentence itself, but from me.  As soon as I wrote the word “earrings,” I suddenly became dubious of its spelling.  One “r” or two “r’s?”  I was caught red-handed. WTF. To think that the first activity I gave to my students was how to spell the words correctly.  Throwing myself on the pool of mortification, I erased one r and explained myself why, only to find out that even my explanation only worsened it.  So there, the greatest blunder one teacher could ever commit. I just realized it then.  I know an apology could do no better, but I think I have to do it.  It’s not a matter of saving my face, but admitting that as a teacher, I am also prone to commit mistakes.

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