Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Head's a Brick: a Free Writing Sample

     My head was a brick. I almost banged it on the wall.  My head hurt and I didn’t feel well.  I wished the truck, whatever, I could not recall.  It seemed the wind sifted away. My memory relinquished me like the flickering candle that died in the middle of the night.  It’s midnight.  It’s midnight, and the darkness crept slowly to my bed where I was sleeping like a dragon that had been slumbering for thousand years.  It was like hell.  It was like a mountain that fired up the burden of a thousand nights, and I couldn’t help until I fell into vertigo.  Into vertigo that the roof and the ceiling had turned upside down.  Upside down like a poem that has no image.  Mirrored through the night and the moon shone brightly like a diamond in the rough.  In the rough like a gem that sparkled in the darkness of the night.  I remembered the leaves fell on the ground.  Verdant.  So verdant that I couldn’t seem to think about the wind that caressed my face.  And my feet seemed to float in paradise.  Like a paradise in the world full of misery, until it hurt like a hammer pounding my head.  My head ached like the smell of a rotten fish.  Oh how I cried, my tears fell in the river of doom.  In the river of doom until my head ached.  It never strutted like a dancer in the field.

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