Saturday, October 17, 2009

Snippet from My Journal: What My Nursing Students Need to Know Part I

WAIVER: The writer's opinion is his and his alone.

The semester is about to end. Or maybe it has ended already. And my world seems to end as I face the challenges and stresses inundated by the final term. The hell, once again, has just begun.

For days now that I have been checking my students' output in Technical Writing, I feel so pissed off because of their timidity. I guess, it's laziness. I'm sick and tired of hearing all their lame excuses. They couldn't even show passable drafts to the point that I begin to get lazy myself of spotting all the grammatical errors in their composition. After all the efforts I exerted in the class, discussing the rudiments of Technical Writing, it seemed that everything I lectured was blown by the wind. No matter how I show my fangs to them, the more they prove that, indeed, they themselves have transformed into robots--which is kinda worst. One time, I had an outburst in one of my classes and bluntly I blurted out to them the truth that they really deserved to hear. I called them robots, dummies, puppets! Because, honestly, that's what they really are--rustic robots, pathetic puppets maneuvred by their equally mechanical and chauvinistic clinical instructors. It's as gross as wiping an old patient's ass, how these nursing students treat their C.Is.

I have nothing against nursing students, with all due respect to my Mama, my sister, and my aunt. I grew up in a medical environment, accompanying my mother to the hospital and stayed up late until she's off from work. I have been surrounded by nurses all my life (and I guess, God forbid, I would end up marrying a nurse.) Surprisinlgy, I never thought of becoming a nurse, though. And I thank God for that.

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